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Philippine born, Canadian raised singer/songwriter Mariannie Ompoc has sonically changed course with her new EP aptly titled “RORSCHACH”. With her signature vocal style, and her thought-provoking lyricism, the insightful artist has aptly applied her skills to a new sound.
Mariannie’s magnetic versatility shines through on RORSCHACH, with gems like the soulful “You’ll Save Me”, and R&B driven “Like I Wanna”. The unsparing “Cold as Ice” also reflects her versatility to adapt and embrace experimentation with in the r&b genre, flowing seamlessly into a pbr&b themed cautionary lyric about love unrequited to its fullest.

Mariannie’s musical chops and years of working-band experience was the cornerstone to the sound of her EP. With lyrics on hand, and a melody to form, she opted to produce her EP entirely herself, excluding “Cold as Ice” co-produced with Rabby Teng of One Ink Studios.
Often vocally drawn comparatively to powerhouse soul and r&b vocalists, ‘RORSCHACH’ is submissive by nature: “There was a very long period of my life when I was in a perpetual state of sadness. This EP is a reflection of that season, and I wanted to express myself as best as I could to somehow capture it in the form of sound, lyrics, and melodies. I was cooped up in my studio, and I was experimenting, and that’s all I wanted to do. These four songs came about… an echo of that point in my life.”

Unabashed with her musical independence, Mariannie records, and produces her songs from start to finish. It’s also akin to the visuals of the songs, with two music videos to be released for “You’ll Save Me”, and “Feel like Myself” of which she directed. She states, “It was just the mic, and me. It was the camera, and me. It took a long time to pull myself together during the video recording process, because I was quite emotional.”

“Mariannie’s exceptional vocal ability, as well as her somatic songwriting skills translates to a unique and fresh sound.”
Pat Leyland, TMKO - Nelly Furtado, Billy Talent
“Remember the name Mariannie Ompoc. Exceedingly gifted, ambitious and engaging, this Niagara singer and songwriter is the whole package.”Niagara Magazine
“Mariannie is a pure r&b singer in the mold of Beyonce, Whitney, Mariah, Adele, and even Aretha. She holds her own with that company too.”
The Eclectic Ear
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The EP title refers to the psychological test that reveals personal interpretation and emotional functioning; this sonically imperfect project is designed to introduce the burgeoning R&B-pop artist, unvarnished and real, and does a respectable job of showing the test results, too.exclaim!
Mariannie Ompoc’s new EP RORSCHACH is a journey through a broad spectrum of emotion in four well crafted tracks. The artistry in her compositions are brought to life by her soulful and sassy vocal style. Take Rorschach for a spin, you’ll enjoy the ride.M. T - Host of Positive Amplitude on CJAM 99.1 FM Windsor/Detroit