Hello! My name is Mariannie and I am a singer/songwriter and producer. Since I was a kid, in the Philippines, I knew from the get-go that I loved to sing more than anything in this world. Music is my first love. I have been singing before I was able to spell my name and I have been writing since my awkward pre-adolescent years. Music production came during my late teens and I’ve allowed it to be a part of my creation process.

So why do I make music? Seriously, I ask that question to this day and have never found a concrete answer. I constantly write lyrics as I always have, and I constantly have notes playing in my head so I believe it is a huge part of who I am. In 2015 I released my EP titled ‘RORSCHACH’ and the music had me confront my mortality, as I think a lot of us has! The first song “Feel Like Myself” is pretty much about resignation to ignorance being bliss, and that somehow made me a different person today. Confronting the hard questions that we can’t answer always changes us in some way, and it did me, definitely. The last song in that EP is called “You’ll Save Me”, and it’s about the rainbow we all seem to look for in the darker days of our lives; this song is about redemption. In 2013 I released my 1st EP ‘1993’. This whole EP is about all kinds of love; from unrequited to whole.

And now, I am writing and creating for a very upcoming release. What’s it about it and what does it sound like? I grew up listening to old school soul and r&b music, so you will definitely hear that in this project, but with a modern sound. Is the EP topical? It is. It’s about being yourself and being good with it, forgiving yourself and others, and defending what you truly believe in life. The sum of our parts is something we ultimately define ourselves. I can’t wait for you guys to hear it.

For now, I’ll go and make sense of the world I live in and write about it.

X’s and O’s and lots of luv, Mariannie